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Massage Services

Massage (all sessions are 75-minutes long):

  • Single session $145
  • 5-sessions package $697
    Includes 60-min wellness coaching session.

Gift certificates are available for massage services only.

Grief Massage Experience™
Ease the burden of stress and deep sadness that comes with grief with care and compassion through this unique combination of spa therapies and massage techniques. Restoration includes decreased muscle tension, ease with breathing, feeling lighter in body and mind, and moving smoothly with hope in your heart.

TMJ Dysfunction Correction
Rid yourself of the pain from tension headaches, earaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, toothaches and jaw joint dysfunction that results from clenching and grinding your jaw. Intra-oral techniques to relieve extreme muscle tension, and soothing techniques around the neck and upper back leave you with a wider range of motion and less pain so you can be your best. (Note: The treatment is not appropriate for locked jaw)

Neuromuscular Therapy
Resolve muscle dysfunction and chronic pain stemming from poor posture, emotional disturbances, countless hours at the computer and on personal devices, and accident, repetitive or sports injuries. Relieve the areas of extreme pain by removing points of poor circulation and hypercontraction causing trigger and tender points so you can get back to your being you.

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Wellness Coaching Services

2 hour strategy session $197
Looking for some tweaks to a routine that is producing some results? Or need to change things up a bit with food and lifestyle choices to achieve a specific goal that is already in progress? This session meets you where you are and pulls you towards your desired outcomes with minimal support. This session includes a comprehensive intake, identifying areas for improvement and creating a plan to get you there.

4-session starter pack $697
Need to make some much needed changes but not sure where to start or where to focus? This is a great starter pack to help you take the guesswork out of achieving some goals, move you towards feeling your best and trending in favor of long term wellness. This starter pack is comprised of one 2-hour strategy session and three 45-minute support calls over a 4 week period.

Custom coaching packages - starting at $2500

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